Frequent Asked Questions






Is it truly free to start?

Yes it is, we often do pilots with companies to get started to make it clear of the type of savings we can find before any payment is made.

What’s the setup time?

30 minutes to 1hr at the most. This depends on your setup but worst case if you would like to do this in a self sever method it can be done.

Do you negotiate for us?

No we do not. We provide you all the insights for you negotiation aka keep it in house or if you would like to work with a 3rd party you can happily do this.

What’s your pricing model?

It’s fixed based pricing model based on the headcount.

Does every person in the company need to manually download diminish to get the usage data?

No, we have unique ways that we’ve done with all our customers to distracted our tools across the entire company in just a couple minutes. This is all controlled by IT.

Does this work for desktop based tools?

80% of a companies SaaS spend comes from products within the browser not desktop based. As well browsed based tools statistically have more SaaS waste than desktop based tools.

What companies is this ideal for?

Companies who have more than 50 employees all the way up to several thousand employees organizations.


What happens if I already cleaned up my SaaS spend?

This is why we have a free trial. We’ve worked with hundreds of CFOs and leaders who think they’ve done a good job but allowed us to do a pilot and we’ve discovered significant blind spots in spend that they were unaware of which results in tens of thousands in savings

What happens if you don’t find savings?

Automatic cash refund of the lack of savings discovered. This is baked into our agreements and contracts. We can’t be more transparent about this.

How do you find savings?

This is our bread and butter but it’s through a multitude of channels and methods.

How frequently do you find savings?

We find savings every month and present curated and personalized reports to teams and key stakeholders on all the different opportunities

Do I need Okta or SSO setup for this to work?

No we don’t but it does not influence whether we can find savings