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We’re on a mission to help companies combat burn, starting with rogue SaaS

Diminish Connects to your data sources for effective SaaS spend management


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Our Vision

We're building software to make SaaS management a thing of the past. Diminish gives finance teams the tools they need to make informed purchasing decisions that impact the bottom line. Save hours on data management, and thousands on the software you buy.

Increase ROI from your existing stack

SaaS buying should be informed, painless and customizable. Diminish gives you full purview of critical spend, usage and contract data so you don't leave any cash on the table.

Maximize time savings

15 minute setup is just the beginning. Integrations, updates and usage tracking are completely automated. Diminish the time you spend managing your SaaS.

Full data observability

Data is better when it's actionable. Diminish insights are custom-built on your company's data, with powerful, built-in filtration down to the user.

Our Leadership

Shaun MacLellan

Founder & CEO

Edmond Lau

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