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Diminish vs. Zluri

See why finance leaders trust Diminish for data-driven SaaS management.

Diminish vs. Zluri

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Zluri allows companies to discover all their SaaS applications, including any "Shadow IT" apps that may exist outside of IT oversight. This provides full visibility. The platform helps optimize SaaS costs by eliminating redundant licenses, ensuring apps are fully utilized, and saving on wasted spending. Deep usage analytics are used for this. All SaaS contracts and licenses can be managed centrally through Zluri for better cost visibility. User access, apps and spending data can all be organized and accessed in one place through the Zluri system. This allows for better IT decision making. Zluri integrates with identity governance functions to securely manage user access provisioning, access reviews and separation of duties across SaaS applications. Automated workflows can be used for streamlining provisioning/deprovisioning of user access as employees join, move or leave an organization. The platform aims to provide a single source of truth for all SaaS management and identity governance needs for modern, cloud-based IT environments.


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Setup time

How long does it take to set up across the whole company? What's involved post-implementation?

Our setup process takes as short as 15-20 minutes and as long as 1hr to be setup across the entire company. This requires no future maintenance or effort of additional SaaS integrations.

Typically takes between 60-90 days depending on the company size and post-onboarding is requires oversight and maintenance by an IT for all the management of SaaS integrations.


SSO (Single Sign-On) is a security mechanism that enables users to access multiple applications and services with a single set of login credentials.



SaaS app integrations

How many integrations does each tool have and how do they connect to each tool.

Has 1000s of tools it can track and is growing each day. It doesn’t require any IT or effort when new tools are adopted, as we're tracking on a browser basis.

Has 834 integrations but every time you adopt a new tool you must connect to Zluri requiring a level of maintenance and process to track new tools.

“Agents” for SaaS app usage discovery




Segmentation and user management

How you’re able to segment different spend and usage data that a tool is able to gather for your customer needs.

Is able to segment based on department, location of talent, type of tooling, etc.

Currently Zluri can only segment based on department.

Spend data tracking

How you’re able to pull the information from different payment of spend management tools.

We’re able to pull from all the popular ERPS plus credit card providers as well.

Is able to pull from some providers Xero, QBO, NetSuite.

Contract sync and categorization

How easy it is to manage SaaS contracts and categorize them into different functions.

Automatically pulls in contracts and is able to consolidate SaaS contracts into a central place without having to pull together all contracts manually.


Contract renewal management

How easy it is to manage SaaS contracts and renewals of contracts. This is critical to not auto-renew tools you don’t need or use.

Offers a lightweight solution to identify the dates of the last transactions and predict renewal dates, keeping you on top of all upcoming purchases.


Vendor management

How you’re able to manage and identify all the different vendors used within an organization.

Enables companies to monitor paid and unpaid SaaS tools throughout the company via the browser. Whether a company uses multiple browsers or not. This allows the company to have a very accurate.


Security probs



Compliance detection




Customer reports

How do customers receive reports and insights gained from Diminish.

Customers typically spend less than 1hr on our platform per month because all the savings recommendations are consolidated into one section making it highly productive and efficient.


VIP customer support

What type of support does each platform provide to customers.

Less than 24hrs response time to all customer requests and enables customers to communicate via email as well as natively within Slack to make communication easier.


Software tier recommendations

Making recommendations to customers based on the tier of the product/plan they're on to find savings in downgrading plans or consolidating products on more advanced tiers.

We have built our own proprietary database of recommendations of the most optimal plans customers should be on for the size, industry, and use case.


SaaS budget consulting

Each platform offers support in SaaS budgeting which is typically a challenging task given the variability in company priorities and headcount.

We provide templates and usage data trends to more accurately forecast SaaS spending for the following year. This can be highly beneficial in preventing issues and disruptions to team productivity. Additionally, we can segment this information by departments, depending on how budgeting is structured within organizations.


Historical SaaS usage

What type of historical SaaS usage data can be gathered once companies are onboarded.

Enables companies to look back up to 90 days into the historical SaaS usage data of all tools within the company, allowing us to identify insights from Day 1.

It's very dependent on the setup, but in most cases, you cannot go back in historical data, and only forward-going data is available.

Why Customers Choose Diminish?

Increase ROI from your existing stack

SaaS buying should be informed, painless and customizable. Diminish gives you full purview of critical spend, usage and contract data so you don't leave any cash on the table.

Maximize time savings

15 minute setup is just the beginning. Integrations, updates and usage tracking are completely automated. Diminish the time you spend managing your SaaS.

Full data observability

Data is better when it's actionable. Diminish insights are custom-built on your company's data, with powerful, built-in filtration down to the user.

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